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What is Astroflow?

Have you ever wondered why one day you have energy to take on the world and another you feel like you have to face many challenges to achieve your objetives?

Our aim is to help you understand the astrological influences, also known as planetary transits, that are affecting you from an energetic perspective. Astroflow provides you with completely personalized information to help you to manage the available energy in the most appropriate way for you.

In the current version, Astroflow provides you with the following information:
  • 1
  • The areas of your life that are being influenced by different planetary transits: Love, Work, Family, etc.
  • 2
  • The type of energy they are bringing to you: Opportunities, Challenges or Contradictions.
  • 3
  • The duration or period in which this energy will be exerting its influence.
  • 4
  • An explanation of its meaning and tips on how to manage this energy to your advantage.
  • 5
  • Information on the energy that future transits will bring you.
Astrological (or planetary) transits are defined based on the current position of the different planets with respect to their position at the time you were born. That is why it is essential that you know the time of your birth so that the information we offer you is useful and accurate.
The areas of your life that will be affected by these transits that we have defined in Astroflow® are the following:
  • WORK
    Money earned, routine and career.
  • LOVE
    The couple, relationship, and sex.
    Parents and children and feeling at home.
    Expression and the meaning of life
    Your personal image, your ego.
    Your physical and mental health, emotions, and personal development.

The energy type is defined based on the aspect type (position of the planets in relation to when you were born) and the planets in transit.

These can bring opportunities, challenges or contradictions in one or more of the defined areas of life.

It is quite possible that at any given time different transits or influences are affecting the same area of your life, which is why we will help you understand the level of influence that each of the transits is having on you by showing you their intensity and importance.

The duration of a transit is defined by the time it takes for the different planets to orbit the Earth. That is why you can find transits of the Sun and Moon that last one or a few days, or transits of slower planets such as Neptune or Pluto that can last several years.

In the case of slow transits, we will only show them to you at times when they are relevant and their energy manifests. That is why a seven-year transit of Pluto may not always be visible in the application. It will only be visible when the influence of other planets makes it relevant.

In the current version we offer two subscription plans:

Weekly: with which you can access information about the transits that will affect you in the next 7 days.

Monthly: with which you can access information about the transits that will affect you in the next 30 days.

In future releases we hope to be able to expand the offer and the time range over which we provide visibility of future transits.

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